PointSixFour Farms, LLC.

  • Grazing is a key component of our nauturally raised pork.

  • Our young chickens are raised in movable chicken pens or "Tractors".

  • Adult Egg layers in their movable poultry netting.

Humanely Treated

All of our animals are treated with the respect they deserve. They're raised in a way that protects them from preditors yet allows them to express their natural behaviors.

Non-GMO Fed

All of our animals are fed a custom designed Non-GMO grain ration designed specifically for our animals on our farm. We are aware of and in control of every ingredient.

Pasture Raised

Our anials are raised on pastures and have access to free choice pasture all day, every day. Our animals are never unnecesarily confined and always have access to fresh pasture.

Locally Produced

We are dedicated to operating locally. Our feed is milled and produced locally. Our meat processor and packer is a small independantly operated federally inspected operation.

About Us

Our farm started originally on only .64 acres which ultimately became the origin of our name. We began farming our small plot of land because we were dissatisfied with the quality of the food from the grocery stores in the area. Even the local "Organic" grocery stores weren't quite up to our standards. We began small as most farmers do with a couple of egg laying chickens. A couple of chickens turned into more chickens for meat. We then grew into raising a pig or two per year for our own consumption. These experiences taught us that we really enjoyed the lifestyle. We purchased our current farm in 2011 and now farm 26 acres in north Georgia. We're located roughly 30 minutes from Rome, Ga and 45 minutes from Chattanooga, Tn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to farm responsibly by treating our land and animals with the respect they deserve. We will always raise animals in a way that allows them to express their natural behavior. Our farming practices will always be transparent.

Why complicate things? Give the animals access to the things they need and they'll figure out the rest.

Tory Young Owner and Farmer - PointSixFour Farms

Our Products

Our products are raised naturally and in a way that encourages an animals natural behavior. Too often commercially produced animals are encouraged to over eat, eat the wrong foods or remain inactive. None of these things improve the quality or flavor of the product and only serves to make the animal cheaper to produce or quicker to raise. We slow down our production process to allow the animal to gain weight in a natural timeline. They're allowed to graze on many acres of pature. The added activity and grazing produces a firmer texture and more flavorful product. Good food is worth waiting for and you can taste the difference!

Our Products:

  • Pork Chops

    The traditional thick cut bone-in pork chop.
  • Bacon

    Everyones favorite except with no preservatives or nitrates!
  • Shoulder Steaks

    The most versitile cut. Grill it, smoke it, slow cook or fry it!
  • Sausage

    The traditional breakfast sausage. Hot or mild and just the right amount of sage.
  • Ham Steaks

    Ham uncured and cut in one inch thick steaks
  • Country Style Ribs

    Meaty flavorful and individually portioned for small or large meals.
  • Tenderloin

    Truly the finest example of eating "high on the hog".
  • Spare Ribs

    Great on the smoker. Cook 'em low and slow.

Where To Buy

Rome Georgia

Marietta Georgia

The Differences Matter

The Flavor

The flavor of a naturally raised pork product will beat any store bought product hands down. The diverse diet and additional movement significantly improves the flavor and texture of our products.

No Preservatives

There's no such thing as pink pork! Many cured pork products contain "Pink Salt" which contains Sodium Nitrate. None of our seasoned or cured products contain any nitrates or preservatives. If it can't be grown on a plant or dug from the ground, we won't use it in our seasonings!

You can talk to the producers

We raised it and we can tell you anything you want to know about your food. The grocery store puts numerous steps of separation between the consumer and the producer. The only connection to the producer are the few words on the label. If you've got questions about your food just ask. I guarantee we know the answers! We made it!

We're transparent

Our farm is located along the Georgia Scenic Byway in Subligna, Georgia. You can see the hogs grazing in the pasture and free range hens right from the road. No "Keep Out" signs preventing the public from seeing what we do. We welcome our customers to come see our farm if they wish. Our customers are our strictest inspectors!

Let's Get in Touch

Your Farmers

Tory and Veronica Young

Owners, Operators and Farmers